Web Host: Host4ASP Web host legal business name
Address: 2200 Busse Road Address of the web host
City, State Zip: Elk Grove Village, IL 60606 City, State and Zip Code of the web host
Phone Number: 400-003-9291 (No phone support. 24x7 support available via Live Chat and Email) Phone number of the web host

Host4ASP.NET is a highly reputed and fast growing web hosting company dedicated to offer reliable and fast ASP.NET 4.5 hosting and SQL 2012 hosting. Up to now, this company is powering more than 20,000 individual and business websites in a global scale. Host4ASP.NET web hosting was created with ASP.NET and Windows developers in mind, coming with a large number of outstanding Windows hosting features.

To deliver ultra-reliability and high performance, Host4ASP.NET utilizes a top-rated datacenter located in Chicago, which is equipped with more than 100 quality Dell servers, fully redundant power supply, diesel generators and many other cutting-edge technologies. In addition, technicians are monitoring the datacenter, servers and network 24/7, aiming to resolve any issue immediately to ensure all hosted websites run smoothly and stably without any unexpected interruption.