What is domain parking?

Domain parking is also referred to as DNS parking, and it is a service provided by a web host to allow its clients to secure a domain name for future use. Registrars require Primary and Secondary Name Servers for every domain registered. Every domain name has to have this information for it to be valid. However, at the time of domain name registration some people do not have the name server information because they do not have a web host yet. Edula offers this service free of charge as part of domain name registration service. It is a convenient way to park your domain name for an extended amount of time even if you are not ready to use them.

What is parked domains?

Parked domains are secondary domain names that you point to your primary domain name. They will serve the same files as your primary domain, except that it is referred to by a different domain name. Parked domains are often used by businesses that want to have more than one web address for their website for advertising and marketing purposes. For example, let say you own hello.com, hello.net and hello.org. You may want hello.net and hello.org point to the same site served by hello.com, so you "park" them to your primary site. As part of domain registration services, Edula offers parked domain function to all domains registered and transferred. To learn how to enable this on your domain name registered with Edula, please follow the instruction provided in our knowledgebase.

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